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Lewes Wellness Center Specialist

Delaware Arthritis

Rheumatologists & Infusion Therapy located in Lewes, DE & Millville, DE

Jose A. Pando, MD and his wife Catherine Welton-Pando, RN HTCP founded the Lewes Wellness Center to integrate a holistic approach to the care of our community. They not only aim to provider care of your symptoms and disease, but also to improve your whole body health, healing your mind, body and spirit. To learn more about the Lewes Wellness Center, call the Lewes Wellness Center today at (302) 313-9990 or request an appointment online.

Lewes Wellness Center

What is the Lewes Wellness Center?

The Lewes Wellness Center serves as a one-stop-shop for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. The facility offers many classes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Under the direction of Catherine Welton-Pando, RN, HTCP, the Lewes Wellnes Center proves a number of different classes and training to help the community improve their health.

To help his patients get the exercise they need for health and wellness, Dr. Pando and his wife, Catherine Pando RW who is a Healing Touch certified practitioner, opened the Lewes Wellness Center.   

What classes are available at the Lewes Wellness Center?

The Lewes Wellness Center offers classes that support your physical and emotional health. Many classes can be done as a group or privately and are conducted in the Movement Center at the facility. Some of the classes offered include:

  • Sound Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai chi
  • Healing touch sessions
  • Cooking Classes
  • Message Therapy

The Lewes Wellness Center offers beginner and advanced classes to meet anyone’s fitness level and experience. The wellness center also offers demonstrations and free seminars. Am I a good candidate for the Lewes Wellness Center?

Whether you’re new to exercise or it’s a regular part of your life, you’re a good candidate for the Lewes Wellness Center. From beginners to the physically fit, the wellness center has a class that can benefit you.

The Delaware Arthritis Team may also recommend classes at the Lewes Wellness Center as part of your treatment plan when you come in to manage your health condition. Because he’s so closely aligned with the center, he knows the types of classes that would benefit your health the most.

Please enjoy this article and video from Catherine Welton-Pando, RN, HTCP, on Lewes Wellness Center!

To learn more about the many benefits of the Lewes Wellness Center, call (302) 313-9990.

You can also learn more about Lewes Wellness Center with this quick video!